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  • [3/2022] Our paper "Towards Device-free and User-independent Fall detection using Floor Vibration" was acceepted to appear in TOSN
  • [3/2022] Our paper "MagEar: Eavesdropping via Audio Recovery using Magnetic Side Channel" was acceepted by MobiSys 2022
  • [9/2021] Our paper "A Portable and Convenient System for Unknown Liquid Identification with Smartphone Vibration" was accpepted to appear in TMC.
  • [9/2021] Our paper "Binarized neural network for edge intelligence of sensor-based human activity recognition" was accpepted to appear in TMC.
  • [4/2021] Our project Vi-Liquid is covered by New Scientist and ACM Communications
  • [1/2021] Mobicom'21 paper: "Vi-Liquid: Unknown Liquid Identification with Your Smartphone Vibration" was accpepted.
  • [10/2020] A survey paper was accpeped to appear in CCF Transactions on Pervasive Computing and Interaction
  • [03/2020] Reported by the Enrollment Office of SZU. >>Link
  • [12/2019] I was awarded the highest student honor of "Excellent Star of SZU". >>Link
  • [12/2019] Reported by the Shenzhen University Gazette >>Link
  • [04/2019] I was exclusive interviewed by XINHUANET, our project G-Fall is covered in the report. >>Link